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  • Made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomeres) which is realistic to the touch and feel
  • 9.7" removable penis
  • Features anal hole
  • Fully flexible body can be positioned into virtually any desired position
  • Standable feet allow your doll to stand up by itself

Wayne (170cm/5'6")

SKU: SD-M170F+SDH-54
  • Extra Info / Care & Maintenance
    Our dolls are made from the highest quality material, and with the most care. We inspect all of our dolls before shipping out to our customers to make sure there are absolutely no defects. We are the manufacturer so there is no dealing with any middlemen or extra cost.
    o Return all joints to their natural state.
    o Try to keep the doll flat on it's back.
    o The dolls are best stored at 77 degrees (F) with an air humidity at 25%-30%
    o Due to the characteristics of the TPE materials, the skin can either be too oily or dry/cracked upon arrival. If the skin is too oily, it is likely that the temperature/humidity is too high. If the skin is too dry/cracked, then it is likely that the temperature/humidity is too low. To correct this you can wipe the skin with baby wipes, and then apply with baby oil.
    o For long lasting smooth skin, frequently powder your doll with baby powder 2-3x/week.
    o Lighter colored clothing usually works better, as darker colored clothes can more easily stain the doll's skin
    o Remove the head and pull the doll's arms up if you want to dress it with a pull-over
    o Our dolls usually do not come with the makeup already applied. In the event you apply your own makeup, you can remove it by wiping it away with a towel and some warm water. Then use a paper towel to dry any excess water. Re-apply makeup as desired.
    Mounting the Head:
    o Install the screw on the neck first, and then twist the head onto the neck
    o Sitting the doll in a bathtub is advised
    o Use non scented soap
    o It is recommended to remove the head, and wrap the neck with a cling film or a plastic bag.