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  • Orgasm audio feature activates when you touch both breasts, both hips, or the vagina
  • Control device inserts into the center of the head (rapid click to lower audio and a slower click to raise the volume)
  • Hold button for atleast 2-3 seconds and release to turn voice feature on/off
  • Realistic non-toxic TPE (thermoplastic-elastomeres) body, including anal, vaginal, and oral holes
  • Silky, smooth, and soft; 'jiggly' to the touch
  • Fully articulate stainless steel skeleton can be posed into any virtually desired position
  • Features standable feet
  • Includes randomly selected wig, outfit, body oil, miscellaneous bag to clean and care for your doll, and your chosen eye color
  • Always a completely discreet shipping box, with no exterior markings
  • See FAQs for extra info


    • TPE material (thermoplastic elastomer) has more jiggle than silicone and is softer to the touch and more realistic
    • Built in collapsible feet allow the doll to stand by itself
    • Skeleton of the doll is made from high strength quality steel
    • Features anal, vaginal, and oral holes
    • Realistic breasts with nipples