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7 days ago

Guys, why did your head prices almost doubled?

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7 days ago

Yeah, that was such a disappointment to see.

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  • Decided to pop in over here to see what kinda action was going on.
  • I wanted to make this post to let some first time owners in on a few things they may not realize without anything to compare these dolls with, as well as to give a general overall review of them. I have a collection of all sorts of makes of dolls both name brand and budget models. I ended up getting one of these dolls (a 168 medium breast with an A2 head) out of shear curiosity. So I threw down my money to just see for myself. On another popular forum there was already a debate on whether these dolls were a scam or not. So down the rabbit hole I went... FIRST IMPRESSIONS: SHIPPING: It was incredible to buy a new doll and only have to wait for roughly a week for delivery! (I’m on the extreme west coast) CONSTRUCTION: What blew me away was that these dolls have HINGED WRISTS! Now you might say “big deal” but if you have ever owned a doll that had nothing but the flex wire for wrists (practically all cheaper brands) you wont know the difference. Hinged wrists really allow you to position the hands repeatedly without them breaking. I still avoid bending the fingers though. (the weakest part of ALL doll brands) Also, the feet have very well designed hinged ankles that have a very solid stop at the standing position, and also have a nice footplate that the nuts are welded to for the oversized Phillips head screws. On most other dolls you will get much smaller button head hex screws, and you may get feet that don’t stop at the standing position, they will move farther up in a very unnatural way. NECK: Yeah it’s the normal floppy gooseneck tube with that creaky noise. so really nothing to note here. SKELETON: There has been some complaints in this area. I‘ve personally only had one issue on a joint coming loose on delivery, but other than that my only complaint would be that I would like more cloth tape wrapping on some of the skeleton to help the TPE to stay attached as well as guarding against the skeleton from protruding from the inside. What I did find interesting it that there seems to be a deliberate attempt to keep the lower joints stiff and the upper joints a little looser. With a standing doll, this is important. TPE: The doll’s TPE was another surprise, I immediately noticed on how soft the doll‘s skin was, this is somewhat of a dilemma actually though in that it will usually reduce its durability. which isn’t that bad, but it can suffer from tearing at the “use” areas. (a common complaint on any of the name brand dolls regarding the soft compound) But believe me, if you ever had a doll with super hard TPE, and it’s got an opening that is even slightly on the tight side, you better be able to maintain a steel hard erection, otherwise it ain’t gonna work out very well. In fact, you might end up injuring yourself. Another underrated property of this TPE is; IT DOESN'T STINK! Absolutely nothing is worse than unboxing a brand new beautiful doll only to realize she smells like a diesel mechanic! This material only has a mild “new doll“ smell upon unboxing and after about a month and/or after the first mineral oil cleaning (the way I clean), the doll has absolutely zero smell! DESIGN: The details that exist on these dolls like the hinged wrists are never found on a cheap doll, I’m talking wrinkles on the knuckles, hands, feet, heels etc. as well as extremely accurate positioning of tendons, veins, muscle. They look like they have been molded directly from an actual female body! If they didn't, the sculptor has an incredible knowledge of human anatomy! The internal details of the dolls definitely has had some thought and design in them as well, they didn’t just make some bumps and grooves, there is evidence of some actual thought that has gone into this. As well as a very noticeable difference between the two “playgrounds”! They did however unfortunately drop the ball when it comes to a proper sealing of the main cavity. Not a huge problem for my skills, But for a first time user, I rate this as the most serious problem with these dolls. (sorry guys) Also the faces (especially the asian), are not only their own, and not knockoffs of other manufacturers as far as I can tell, they are also very beautiful right out of the box. BOTTOM LINE: You may find some undesirable attributes or inconsistencies with these dolls from time to time, doll to doll, but overall your not far from a high end priced TPE doll. (If at all) Just keep in mind if something does go wrong, you may not get a brand new one sent to you, because these dolls aren’t being sold at a profit margin approaching 200%. In fact, I cannot figure out how they do it. FP
  • Love this 156cm doll I purchased from them. Dressed her up the Instant I got Her Home and Out of the Box. I used All Size Small clothing. Size Small White Bra. Size Small Gray Tank Top. Size Small Gray Underwear. And Size Small Black and Blue Leggings. I put on the Provided Small White Gloves. And for Feet Protection I put my Winter Wool Socks.