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Jun 25

SD-161F-L SDH-16


Edited: Jun 25

Indoor shot of a 161 Large Breast #16 Head. Just out of box.




I have mine dressed in the same kind of material but mine has a double zipper that runs from the neck all they down and back up to the crack of her but for easy access, use, and clean up while keeping her clothed.

I have a very similar product but I dressed her in a Bodysuit from with 2 Zippers from neck to But cheeks for easy access to both vagina and Anus!

Hey how or whats the best way to store these dolls i have 2 i was thinking laying them under a bed in a bag

I put her in a full Bodysuit from neck to ankles. I keep her in a seated position on a chair that spins in a circle. When I want to move her and use her I move her around in a wheeled office chair that can roll, spin, and elevate up and down. That provides more options than a dolly or wheelchair when moving her.

That can work ok, I personally always get standing dolls and they stand up inside the closet lightly leaning against the wall.

They sometimes lay on a couch when I run out of space, or one will lay in a bed when I’m sleeping with her.

I have two crowded closets!😋



I would recommend getting some office chairs that roll, spin, and elevate up and down. They will all ways be sitting and waiting patiently to satisfy!

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